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 HOME ATHIRAPALLY ANKAMALI ALUVA COHIN AIRPORT IRINJALAKUDAMALAKODUNGALLOORCONTACT US is a comprehensive guide of Chalakudy. Chalakudy - Athirappilly is popular among tourists.Chalakudy - Athirappally are upcoming destinations in Kerala Tourism. More >>>

Chalakudy Emergency Numbers 

  Fire Station:-270 2000
  Post Office:-270 2873
  Excise :-270 8331
  Electricity:-270 8375 
  KSRTC:-270 1638
  Police:-270 8331
  Circle Inspector:-270 1507
  Office of DYSP:-282 5228
  Ambulance:-270 8386
  Govt. Hospital:-270 2372 
  Municipality:-270 8152
  RailwayStation:-270 1368
  Travel Agent:-9961466495
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Aleppey / Kumarakom Houseboat 


Alleppey | Kumarakom | Quilon 

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           List of Best places and  Must See Chalakudy tourist attractions to visit in Chalakudy- Athirapally, Collect information about sightseeing around Chalakudy 

 1. kauthukapark 

 2. Holly Land Immitation

Holly Land Replica in St Mary’s Church Chalakudy

By visiting Holly land replica in St Mary’s chrch chalakudy a feel of traveling around the real Holy Land in Israel and neighboring countries. It was blessed by Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil on 8 September 2006 and the State Tourism & Home Minister Shri Kodiyeri Balakrishnan inaugurated it. By using ancient architectural style, it got much resemblance to the originals as possible. Astounding artistry and excellent craftsmanship meets there

All the important events of Christ’s life , his birth, public ministry, passion, crucifixion, resurrection & ascension. It is concluded with the scene of mother Mary being crowned as the Queen of heaven and earth. The Holy Land museum hosts the display of several relics and other important objects of religious and historic

It can give a visitor a feel of being actually in the places of Biblical importance. It is a a living biblical museum that brings the world of the Bible alive. It is an impressive replica of the Holy land and gives an absolutely refreshing and spirituality nourishing experience to Visitors

All the important events in our Lords life depicted with statues along with an on going commentary. It describes the scene beside each station , More details -

 3. Dream world water theme park

4 Thumboormuzhy