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Chalakudy Important Emergency numbers

Important Telephone numbers of Chalakudy

 Chalakudy Emergency Numbers 

  Fire Station:-270 2000
  Post Office:-270 2873
  Excise :-270 8331
  Electricity:-270 8375 
  KSRTC:-270 1638
  Police:-270 8331
  Circle Inspector:-270 1507
  Office of DYSP:-282 5228
  Ambulance:-270 8386
  Govt. Hospital:-270 2372 
  Municipality:-270 8152
  RailwayStation:-270 1368
  Travel Agent:-9961466495

A list of important telephone numbers of Chalakudy. A list of important  telephone numbers of various institutions in Chalakudy. Chalakudy Police staion number, fire force, Excise,Electricity, KSRTC, Ambulance, Hospital, Muncipality etc.These are  numbers required during any urgency in Chalakudy. Eg Telephone number of Chalakudi ( Chalakudy) Railway staion ( CKI staion code). Now a days emergencies can arise any time .The emergency numbers of Chalakudy, can be of the police staion  or the fire service department or electricity department or telecommunication department, etc. You just need to call these numbers at Chalakudy  and they would try to solve your need in possible time